Denise Pavlik

Stop CRAP💩 Start CRAB! 🦀

Okay…here we go…what the hell should I write about myself? Uuuuhm…so I’m a journalist, I make movies and I’m a crazy person. No you can’t write that Denise. Get a grip. Uh…I need to walk Lory. FOCUS! Stay in the flow…what flow? I’m in the most unflowish state ever. Come on that can’t be that hard?! People do it all the time. Who am I? What am I? Where will life take me? Okay that’s too much…! Lets keep it simple:

  • I love making imagevideos and eventvideos and carriervideos and content for social media. Basically everything that pushes your brand forward.
  • Working with awesome people = awesome outcomes (check out my partners!)
  • I work with and for companies I believe in.

So, basically: I love doing what I do. And I give a 110%. Always!